Electronic Circuits electronics circuits 02/10/2019

A circuit is an interaction of electrical components that carries electrical current through at least one closed path.

The elements that make up a surgeon are:

  • Component: device with two or more terminals in which a load can flow internally.
  • Node: point of a circuit where more than two conductors attend.
  • Branch: portion of the circle between two consecutive nodes.
  • Mesh: any closed path in an electrical circuit.
  • Source: provides electrical power to the entire circuit.
  • Conductor: allows the free flow of current making contact between two or more electronic components.

To design any electrical circuit, engineers must be able to predict the voltages and currents of the entire circuit.

At Elax we deal with the entire manufacturing process of the electronic component, from the design of the component to the delivery of the final product.

Source: Wikipedia.