Electronic manufacturing services

Our company, with extensive experience in the electronic sector, specializes in offering both global and individual manufacturing services in manufacturing processes in electronic equipment and systems.

To achieve high production performance, each product requires an individual approach and a particular assembly process, including the requirements of each client. We will accompany you in your projects with a range of services that include industrialization, prototyping, mass production, updating of existing test systems or development of new ones and the integration of your cards into final equipment.

Technological innovation is a strategic approach for ELAX, investing in production systems that allow us to adapt to the needs of a demanding and constantly evolving market. Without forgetting fundamental pillars on which our working method is based, such as flexibility, reliability and a personalized service towards our clients.


To be able to adapt to the specific needs of each client, to respond to the manufacturing demand of small and medium series. Produce prototypes following serial processes to ensure their viability and allow, in its initial phase, to validate assembly processes and functional requirements.


Optimal customer service is an important quality brand of our company. It is essential that our team is always available to the client, providing and obtaining all the information that will be essential to ensure efficient collaboration.


More than 25 years of experience manufacturing electronic equipment. Cooperations that last for many years, with our clients, are the result of our attitude oriented to offer the maximum commitment to the work done daily.