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At ELAX with more than 25 years of experience in the electronics industry we are specialized in performing Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Our client base includes sectors of activity such as Industrial, measurement and testing, Communications, Transportation, Security and Lighting. Thanks to cutting-edge production facilities, flexible, renewed to adapt to the high demands of a technological market, and a human team specialized in continuous training, we will be a close collaborator in the development and assembly of your electronic equipment, and we will provide solutions tailored to all those processes you need to finally convert your idea into an electronic solution.

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Managing the supply chain is essential to control costs and ensure that products are delivered on time. At Elax we follow individual planning strategies... +


The new requirements in the electronic market, minituarization, flexibility, high levels of precision and repeatability in the production processes, require us... +


Tackling complex challenges has always been our biggest boost. We specialize in the assembly of electronic and electromechanical products of high mixing and... +  

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